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New Box Set.


CREAM: Six-LP Vinyl Box Announced The band that helped create the concept of blues-rock releases all their studio and live recordings in a deluxe vinyl box set   . Cream is the latest iconic band to announce a deluxe vinyl reissue. All four of their studio albums and both of their live LPs will be released by Universal on November ... Read More »

Art Exhibit.


NEIL YOUNG: The Story of Art Young’s first ever West Coast art show will open next month. Neil Young will have his first ever West Coast art show next month. The exhibition, called Special Deluxe, will open on November 3rd the Robert Berman Gallery in Santa Monica, California and run throughout the month of November. The exhibit feature a series ... Read More »

New Book.


KEITH MOON: Behind a Big Book His estate is working on a new book about him. The estate of Keith Moon is working on a coffee table book about the late drummer for The Who. Not only will it contain “firsthand accounts of how Keith inspired legions of musicians and fans around the world,” but the estate is in search ... Read More »

Geddy Weighs In…


RUSH: It’s a Wild (card) Postseason Geddy Lee says this baseball postseason has shown the power of the wild card. Rush singer-bassist — and huge baseball fan — Geddy Lee says people can no longer overlook the power wild cards have in the postseason. With the World Series featuring a match up of wild card winners in the San Francisco ... Read More »

Led Zeppelin Are *Not* Losing The “Stairway Lawsuit.”


Interesting to read all the reports online about the lawsuit brought forth by the family of the late Randy California of Spirit. For those unaware, Spirit has a song called “Taurus.” A part of the song was most-likely lifted by Zeppelin for “Stairway.” I don’t think anyone believes Zep were above “borrowing” the musical phrase. Let’s face it…they have shown ... Read More »



Julius Nyang’oro – fraudster CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — A blistering report into an academic fraud scandal at the University of North Carolina released Wednesday found that for nearly two decades two employees in the African and Afro-American Studies department ran a “shadow curriculum” of hundreds of fake classes that never met but for which students, many of them Tar Heels ... Read More »