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Jimi Hendrix Sparkles- Star-Spangled Guitar Hero –


Gibson.com – “Ten Greatest-Ever British Guitarists” with “10 Star-Spangled Guitar Heroes.” Not in any order, here’s the list: •Jimi Hendrix •Chuck Berry •Robert Johnson •Les Paul •Charlie Christian •Eddie Van Halen •B.B. King •Duane Allman •Wes Montgomery •Stevie Ray Vaughan SOURCE: bit.ly/1NJhOq3 bit.ly/1NJhOq3 Read More »

Ringo Starr- Celebrates with Peace n Love…


“Give Peace & Love a Chance” Ringo Starr celebrates 75 years today as he asks at noon, wherever you are, just say, “Peace and Love.” He says this makes his “heart sing.” SOURCE: bit.ly/1HYnmxs – SOURCE: bit.ly/1HYnmxs Read More »

We Celebrate Ringo Today… =) HBD to the Oldest Beatle!


Ringo Starr celebrates 75 years today! We celebrate with a few facts…see how many questions you know: On which of these Beatles hits did Ringo sing lead? a) “She Loves You” b) “Back in the USSR” > c) “Yellow Submarine” Who did Ringo Starr replace in The Beatles? a) Stu Sutcliffe > b) Pete Best c) Tony Sheridan Ringo had ... Read More »

Historic Harry Potter…. ;)

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On this day in 2007 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was published. What’s your favorite Potter book? Read More »

Mom, you forgot something…..


http://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/strange/floriduh-blog/sfl-flduh-publix-tab-kids-behind-20150701-story.html     Read More »

Hot 4 Van Halen? The Reviews Are In! They’re Killin’ It!


Well haters…it appears you may have to tip back a tall glass o’ “shut it!” The reviews are rolling in, and the “Mighty Van Halen,” appear to be doing what they’ve always done! Laying waste to the concert stage! This makes it that much more fun to be doing the “Mark & Neanderpaul  Hot 4 Van Halen” giveaways all this ... Read More »