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Tracey McCloud   Photo Credit – Alliance, OH Police Dept. Tracey McLoud of Cleveland, OH received a recent refresher course in ethics & prioritizing. She ordered up some Chinese food & once it was delivered she was apparently QUITE unsatisfied.  Now, I know that excessive MSG in your food can be quite a crime but not quite of the caliber to ... Read More »

Jimi Hendrix Sparkles- Star-Spangled Guitar Hero –


Gibson.com – “Ten Greatest-Ever British Guitarists” with “10 Star-Spangled Guitar Heroes.” Not in any order, here’s the list: •Jimi Hendrix •Chuck Berry •Robert Johnson •Les Paul •Charlie Christian •Eddie Van Halen •B.B. King •Duane Allman •Wes Montgomery •Stevie Ray Vaughan SOURCE: bit.ly/1NJhOq3 bit.ly/1NJhOq3 Read More »

Ringo Starr- Celebrates with Peace n Love…


“Give Peace & Love a Chance” Ringo Starr celebrates 75 years today as he asks at noon, wherever you are, just say, “Peace and Love.” He says this makes his “heart sing.” SOURCE: bit.ly/1HYnmxs – SOURCE: bit.ly/1HYnmxs Read More »

We Celebrate Ringo Today… =) HBD to the Oldest Beatle!


Ringo Starr celebrates 75 years today! We celebrate with a few facts…see how many questions you know: On which of these Beatles hits did Ringo sing lead? a) “She Loves You” b) “Back in the USSR” > c) “Yellow Submarine” Who did Ringo Starr replace in The Beatles? a) Stu Sutcliffe > b) Pete Best c) Tony Sheridan Ringo had ... Read More »

Historic Harry Potter…. ;)

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On this day in 2007 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was published. What’s your favorite Potter book? Read More »

Mom, you forgot something…..


http://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/strange/floriduh-blog/sfl-flduh-publix-tab-kids-behind-20150701-story.html     Read More »