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This opens July 31st, Ethan Hunt and his team take on The Syndicate an international organization out to destroy the IMF. Opening Today, (7/29) Rusty Griswold has grown up!! (sort of) And takes his family on a road trip to Walley World. NEW ON DVD- Released July 28th: Home Water Diviner TOP FIVE MOVIES AT THE BOX OFFICE LAST WEEKEND ... Read More »



Photo Credit – www.myfoxatlanta.com Some people like to stir the pot & see what bubbles up. And sometimes these people can’t help themselves. They’re so convinced that they have great ideas that they have to share them with the world. Walking into an Army recruiting center in Georgia with a gun because you wanna keep recruiters “on their toes” after ... Read More »



  Photo Credit – Christopher Mark I’ve been a Rush fan since I was a kid. I even started with the first album so when Neil Peart came into the fold, as a drummer, I was hooked. And to have to come to the realization that last night’s show was most likely the last time I’ll ever get to see ... Read More »

Queen… Buckingham…Collins ~ New Car Ad$


Next time you’re chillin watching your favorite shows on television you may hear Lindsey Buckingham, Phil Collins and Queen  in new car commercials. Queen’s “You’re My Best Friend” ~ Volkswagen “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins ~ Dodge Lindsey Buckingham’s “Holiday Road” from the Vacation soundtrack ~ Infiniti … The spot features a scene with Chevy Chase and Christie ... Read More »

Frampton Acoustic Tour…


Peter Frampton kicks off his first acoustic tour October 8th in Greeneville, Tennessee. Frampton says he’ll be “performing the songs just as I wrote them on acoustic guitar or piano” since “it draws the audience and myself closer together.” Click here for Peter Frampton “Raw” Fall 2015 tour dates – doc 24.00 kB SOURCE: doc 24.00 kB   Read More »

Bryan Adams Singing the “Flight” Blues…


Bryan Adams tweeted a picture of his guitar that was defaced on a Toronto-to-Detriot flight. His stuff was rifled through and his acoustic guitar was damaged with a black Sharpie. Let’s Discuss: •Have you ever discovered someone had gone through your bags after you checked in? How’d it make you feel to have someone go through your stuff? •Just what ... Read More »