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IN OTHER NEWS   Elton, Macca, Mellencamp and more. Elton John has signed on to extend his Million Dollar Piano residency at the Coliseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas for the next three years. In doing so, he has announced 23 performances for January, March and April. Louisville, Kentucky mayor Greg Fischer has proclaimed October 22nd to the 28th ... Read More »

Metal For Men?

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JUDAS PRIEST: Smelling for Vengeance? Ex-guitarist K.K. Downing is looking to expands his business empire into scents. Really. Ex-Judas Priest guitarist K.K. Downing has been making a name for himself in the golf course and real estate world since he left the band, but his new business flat-out smells. Downing is launching a line of fragrances — one for men ... Read More »

Record Store Day Treat.


THE BEATLES: She Is Still Long and Tall The Fab Four are re-releasing “Long Tall Sally” in support of Record Store Day. The Beatles are supporting Record Store Day, November 28th, by re-releasing their 1964 version of Little Richard‘s “Long Tall Sally” as part of a four-song vinyl EP. It will be released in mono and and will be joined ... Read More »



ROLLING STONES: Rehearsals Underway Band is getting ready for tour Down Under, which starts Saturday. The Rolling Stones are in Adelaide rehearsing for the continuation of their 14 on Fire tour, which starts in the Australian city on Saturday. They were locked away for four hours on Tuesday and as usual, a small group of fans have gathered outside their ... Read More »



OLYMPIA, Wash. — A drug dealer who left a large bag of marijuana and hallucinogenic mushrooms on a bus Saturday was arrested trying to claim the drugs from Intercity Transit’s lost and found, according to the Olympia Police Department. Intercity Transit found the suspicious bag on a night bus running from downtown Olympia to Evergreen State College and opened it ... Read More »