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Led Zeppelin – CominAtcha in Zeptember! I know I know I said Zeptember ;)


Soooooooo your chance to hear a live performance of “Communication Breakdown” from April 1st, 1971 on the BBC is comin up September 16 via The Complete BBC Sessions… Clocking in at just under five minutes, which is twice as long as the studio version on their self-titled 1969 debut, this performance is featured on their upcoming release, The Complete BBC ... Read More »

Is She Making a Statement?!

Head in Hands

I found another probably delicious but gross-looking thing to eat on the internet…a cupcake that looks like a pimple. REALLY?!  As if puberty wasn’t tough enough on us already…but to take a delicious snack and morph it into something that reminds us of  awkward and perhaps self-conscious memory… of acne. Well, now it’s edible YUK!   But I can’t decide ... Read More »



Photo Credit – commons.wikimedia.org If you’re going to take a very public stand on a particular issue, it behooves you to be consistent on a life-long basis.  No one told Liverpool, NY politically-themed diner owner Michael Tassone.  One thing Mike can’t STAND is lazy welfare recipients.  Imagine the community’s surprise on learning of Mike & his wife’s felony conviction for…you ... Read More »



Photo Credit – commons.wikimedia.org When you’re first starting out as a band, not everything is as you see on MTV.  Heartbreaker keyboardist Benmont Tench tells the story of how he had to lay down his keyboard tracks for “I Need To Know” is a slightly unorthodox fashion in Hollywood when the band was first starting out.  Hear the track and ... Read More »

Flashinback 40 Years Ago Today When John Lennon…


Flashinback 40 years ago today when after a four-year fight, the late John Lennon received his green card, granting him permanent residency status in the U.S…. Trivia Time! Lennon published two books during his lifetime. The title of one them is a pun that references a country that is not the U.S. What nation is it? a) Russia b) Great ... Read More »