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Alice Cooper Rocks Comics! =)


See Alice Cooper this September in comic book form – “Alice Cooper Vs. Chaos”, the first of a five-issue mini-series. We see Alice as the supernatural “Lord of Nightmares” complete with nocturnal horrors to the vilest men and women of the world….     SOURCE: bit.ly/1gd4Arb Source: Premiere Prep via bit.ly/1gd4Arb   Read More »

Huge Thanks To Elaine For Hangin’. Mark’s Back, and “Hot 4 Van Halen!” Yay?


Well…after a nice “mini-vacation,” Mark’s back, and all is “normal” with the show. No…it’s not quite as attractive as it was last week. There’s no denying that. Elaine did a fantastic job filling the chair, and I know she appreciates all the kind words, and e-mails. As always, we move forward! All week long, we’re giving you a shot at ... Read More »


At The Movies

The Dinos win again… TOP FIVE MOVIES AT THE BOX OFFICE LAST WEEKEND 7/1: 1. JURASSIC WORLD 2. INSIDE OUT 3.TERMINATOR: GENISYS 4.  MAGIC MIKE XXL 5. TED 2  New in Theaters…They open Today (Wednesday)…for the Holiday Weekend!! But Can They take out the Dino’s???? Wednesday 07/01- Terminator: Genisys When John Connor (Jason Clarke) sends Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) back to ... Read More »

Alice Cooper Wears it Well! ;) Happy 4th!


We salute you wearing the American flag! To quote David Lee Roth, “Raise the flag, baby / Let’s see who salutes!” SOURCE: Ultimate Classic Rock http://ultimateclassicrock.com/artists-wearing-the-american-flag/?trackback=tsmclip Pic Source: Larry Marano / Kevin Winter / Michael Caufield Archives, Getty Images Read More »

In honor of Independence Day…


In honor of Independence Day – test your knowledge of the American flag with these brain-teasers. Does the flag have more white or red stripes? a) white > b) red (7 red, 6 white) c) the same What is the appropriate way to dispose of a flag that is worn out? a) bury it b) cut it into small pieces ... Read More »