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Hot 4 Van Halen? The Reviews Are In! They’re Killin’ It!


Well haters…it appears you may have to tip back a tall glass o’ “shut it!” The reviews are rolling in, and the “Mighty Van Halen,” appear to be doing what they’ve always done! Laying waste to the concert stage! This makes it that much more fun to be doing the “Mark & Neanderpaul  Hot 4 Van Halen” giveaways all this ... Read More »

AC/DC ROCKS 70,000 at Wembley Stadium


AC/DC rocked London’s Wembley Stadium Saturday to  70,000 loyal fans. “There were giant inflatable pneumatic women, explosions, fireworks and confetti,” writes Neil McCormick in his review for The Telegraph. “But most of all there were riffs, lots and lots of riffs, big, juddering motifs of judiciously placed notes smashed out as a grand slam of distorted, sustained electric guitar synchronized ... Read More »

Rod Stewart – Do Ya Think I’m Copying….. ;) oh no say it ain’t so Rod!


The song that asks the question “is this a copycat?” is “Corrina, Corrina,” a blues track from the 1920s that is featured on Stewart’s most recent record “Time”. Stewart says the song is “traditional,” but the estate of “Armenter Chatmon” says “he wrote it” so they are seeking “statutory damages” with “$150,000 for each act of infringement.” The suit doesn’t ... Read More »

Classic Rock Right Now…=)


On July 4th, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary. Unfortunately one Deadhead fell at least 20 feet during Sunday’s Grateful Dead show. Leon Russell’s “A Poem Is a Naked Person”, which was started in 1973 has finally been released. Russell was present for official opening in New York. SOURCE: youtube, premiere prep, bit.ly/1R5guUF Read More »

Stones Rock Indy: Pete Returns Tomorrow w/6 O’clock Stoner! =)

randi and pete

The Rolling Stones spent the Fourth of July in Indiana with their first tour performance of “Let It Bleed,” They ended the show with, according to the the Stones’ website “the largest display of fireworks in the U.S.A.,” but — the Macy’s 4th of July Spectacular was actually much larger!   bit.ly/1S0LnEM – Tweet SOURCE: bit.ly/1S0LnEM Read More »

Slash – Shares his Love of “The Exorcist”!


Slash explains his love of  “The Exorcist” in the “I Love Movies” series. He says when he first saw  the 70’s horror flick he felt “more fascinated than scared”… Source: Premiere Prep via bit.ly/1T8fRHm   Read More »