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Our turn! For the past few weeks, it’s been Randi & Pete taking care of your Van Halen needs. Now…Mark and I, get our turn at bat. All week long, we’re hooking you up with lawn seats for the VH/KWS show at Ak-Chin! And!…we’re setting you up with a nice KSLX concert blanket. So…you can put your ass in the ... Read More »

Surprise! Surprise! 10am Monday – Find out….


Monday morning at 10am you’ll find out what BIG surprise classic rock show is hittin the valley! I’ve got your tickets to this surprise show all week! =) ‪#‎KSLX‬ ‪#‎RandiScott‬ ‪#‎SurpriseConcert‬Announcement ‪#‎Middays 10am-2pm Read More »

Led Zeppelin ~ Unreleased Music Via Jimmy Page

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Led Zeppelin’s studio records re-issue campaign has come to an end with the release of the final three: “Presence, In Through the Out Door and Coda”, packed with unreleased material. Page says “twice as much studio material as there originally was because it’s such an important world, the recording world of Led Zeppelin and “It’s just been so cool to ... Read More »

Gene Simmons – Kiss His Ego Goodbye


Gene Simmons might have a big ego but he doesn’t care if he’s remembered as he told England’s Daily Mail, “I don’t want anyone mourning my death, and when I’m gone, why should I care how I’m remembered? When I die, I want my family and friends to celebrate my life with the party to end all parties and go, ... Read More »

McCartney – Lennon Dozens of Songs Lost…


Speaking to the London Evening Standard (as reported via The Guardian), Paul McCartney says “We would write a song and just have to remember it. And there was always the risk that we’d just forget it. If the next morning you couldn’t remember it – it was gone.” and he added “You would have to form the thing, have it ... Read More »

4 Nice Girls Take a Stand and Make a Difference = $37,000


A group of girls raise over $37,000 to help kids in need with their lemonade stand. During the dog days of summer four bored girls, Aubrey Hennig, Sammi Parrish, and Kailyn Fanning decided to open a lemonade stand and raised more than $37,000 to help kids in need. With much success, they expanded and opened six lemonade stands and went ... Read More »