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Head in Hands

Photo Credit – Alex E. Proimos from Wikipedia So wanting to see the sights in our nation’s capital when you’re visiting town is not a bad idea.  Pulling up to a US Capitol cop on Independence Avenue at 2:30AM with a truck full of guns & a propane tank and asking where the White House is? Not recommended. But that’s ... Read More »

Rolling $tone$ – Zip Code Cashola! =)


Plenty of satisfaction for the Stones as their Zip Code tour brought in close to $110 million. Pete will share more on all things Stones with 3 in a row – 6 O’clock Stoner rocks weeknights at 6pm! Source: http://bit.ly/1MukppL http://bit.ly/1MukppL Read More »

Mission Impossible Whole Lotta Action

Randi Scott Facebook Twitter Banner Final

Opening this weekend Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and and his team take on the “Syndicate — an international rogue organization committed to destroying the IMF”. Trifecta of Facts 1. This is the fifth Mission: Impossible flick. 2.Yes, that is Tom Cruise on the outside of a flying airplane – not a stuntman 3. Tom was going to star in “The ... Read More »

Enjoy your lollipop.


http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/florida-bank-robber-snatches-free-lollipop-fleeing-article-1.2307753   Read More »


At The Movies

This opens July 31st, Ethan Hunt and his team take on The Syndicate an international organization out to destroy the IMF. Opening Today, (7/29) Rusty Griswold has grown up!! (sort of) And takes his family on a road trip to Walley World. BEST SUPERHERO MOVIES Ant-Man has won the weekend box office two weeks in a row, but will it ... Read More »

Oh….Take Me Out to The Ball Game…Where are the Best Ballparks

chase 4

I was floored when I saw Chase Field near the bottom of the list:  REALLY?!?  It’s got a state of the art retractable roof, it’s airconditioned, it’s clean, bathrooms (women’s; can’t speak for men’s) are remodeled. So why such a low score?  I guess it’s lacking the “old world charm”  that Wrigley Field, Fenway Park and the other top spot holders ... Read More »