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Drunk Driver Periscopes Herself… wow.


Gotta love technology ~ A Florida woman broadcasts herself driving drunk live on Periscope. wow. Whitney Beall, a 23-year-old, was arrested for driving under the influence Saturday night as she periscoped, “I am, I am [blank] drunk and this is horrible. I don’t even know where the next gas station is. This is horrible guys. Red light. OK, green light.” ... Read More »

Happy Birthday Sammy Hagar!


Sammy Hagar celebrates his 68th birthday today. In 2013, Hagar had a street named after him in the Southern California city where he grew up. Fontana. Happy 68th birthday to @sammyhagar. Read More »

Metallica ~ Frankenstein


Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett tells Collectors Weekly, “Believe it or not, I’m a totally introverted person. People see me onstage and see that I walk out in front 50,000 people not even batting an eyelash, but I’m just used to that. Because of my family history, I always felt like an outsider. I was super shy as a kid, very quiet ... Read More »

New on CD and Concert DVD….


New this week 10/16: Bryan Adams, Get Up Joel Hoekstra’s 13, Dying to Live Saxon, Battering Ram Brian Setzer Orchestra, Rockin’ Rudolph New this week 10/9: Monster Magnet, Cobras and Fire (The Mastermind Redux) W.A.S.P., Golgotha The Ann Wilson Thing!, #1 (EP) New this week 10/2: Bad Company Rock n’ Roll Fantasy: The Very Best of… Rhino The City (pre-solo ... Read More »



Photo Credit – wikipedia.org People can get REALLY creative when attempting a Jedi mind trick on their soon-to-be arresting officers. Take for example Florida resident Reliford Cooper who attracted cops’ attention while speeding through a residential neighborhood recently. While being chased Cooper sped up around a turn, went through a ditch, overcorrected, went through another ditch then crashed into a ... Read More »