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IN OTHER NEWS     Items on Santana, U2, Stephen Stills and more. 1978 concert performances by Santana and Stephen Stills are coming to CD on September 2nd via Klondike Records. The Santana disc is titled Rynearson Stadium, Ypsilanti, 25th May, 1978, the Stills is called Bread and Roses Festival, 4th September, 1978. An expanded edition of The Ides of ... Read More »

Cry Of Love Re-dux.

hendrix cry

JIMI HENDRIX: More Reissues on the Way The first two posthumous Hendrix albums will be back in print on September 16th. Two more Jimi Hendrix albums will be re-issued on September 16th. The Cry of Love and Rainbow Bridge were assembled after Hendrix’s death by his longtime engineer Eddie Kramer and Experience drummer Mitch Mitchell. Both will be available on ... Read More »

Marley Musical.


BOB MARLEY: Musical Opening in Baltimore The show will focus on the the late reggae legend’s life from 1975 to 1977. Bob Marley is the latest icon to be made the subject of a musical. Marley will open next year at Baltimore Center Stage and focus on the late reggae legend’s life from 1975 to 1977, when his global popularity ... Read More »

Telephone Talk.

frampton live

PETER FRAMPTON: Talks More About Phone Incident He says that the fan’s phone he threw at a show landed on a seat and wasn’t broken. Peter Frampton says he’s established a new policy at his concerts since he threw a fan’s phone at a concert in Indiana earlier this month. The guitar says he now allows photos and video just ... Read More »