30-Second Song Challenge

The 30 Second Song Challenge is powered by
Desert Diamond Casino West Valley
Where Jackpots Hit Close to Home!
Weekday mornings at 7:30am with Mark and Neanderpaul,
you will have a chance to win $100 if you can name all
seven songs in the 30 Seconds!

If no one wins it, then the cash rolls over so there
will be $200 up for grabs the next day, and it keeps going
until someone wins the 30 Second Song Challenge and all the cash!
BUT… even if you DON’T get all seven songs, we’ll give you
a $50 Gift Card as a consolation prize!

Plus, tune in to Pete Cummings at 4PM the day before!
He’s giving you an inside edge to the 30 Second Song Challenge
by playing the first THREE songs!

Congratulations to Mark Buss of Gilbert! He won $2,400!