ACE FREHLEY: New Album Details

ACE FREHLEY: New Album Details

Ace Spaceman 0809 SC.jpg

Ace Frehley has announced the details of his next album.

Spaceman, his eighth album, will be out on October 19th. It contains 10 songs, including the previously released “Bronx Boy,” a cover of Eddie Money‘s “I Wanna Go Back” and, out now, “Rockin’ With the Boys,” whose theme is strikingly similar to “Beth” by KISS.

In “Rockin’ With the Boys,” which Ace says he wrote in the ’70s, he sings: “No need to worry, I’ll be home soon, ’cause I’m rockin’ with the boys.” And in “Beth,” Peter Criss sings: “Beth I hear you calling, but I can’t come home right now. Me and the boys are playing, and we just can’t find the sound.”

Both “Rockin’ With the Boys” and “Bronx Boy” are available on all streaming platforms, and as immediate downloads on iTunes if you pre-order the album.

Gene Simmons, who suggested the album title to Ace, plays on two songs, and co-wrote one with Ace, “Without You I’m Nothing.”

Ace performs tonight (Thursday) in Solana Beach, California, and Friday in Las Vegas ahead of his shows with Simmons in Australia at the end of the month.