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At The Movies

Found this on the Fandango Movie preview website!!  It looks good! Alec Baldwin voices the baby! It’s coming out next year March 31st! NEW ON DVD – Released October 25th Lights Out Nerve BOX-OFFICE REPORT  10-24 1. BOO! A Madea Halloween 2.Jack Reacher: Never Go Back 3. Ouija: Origin Of Evil 4. The Accountant 5. The Girl on the Train NEW ... Read More »

Join the Wild Party!!

Alice cooper

Alice Cooper announced that he wants to be “Elected” as both the President of the United States and Prime Minister of Great Britain. In case you missed his announcement in July, Cooper’s “campaign staff” issued a statement saying, “‘Elected’ is once again an anthem for modern times, and when it all boils down to it — a long-flowing mane of ... Read More »

Is She Making a Statement?!

Head in Hands

I found another probably delicious but gross-looking thing to eat on the internet…a cupcake that looks like a pimple. REALLY?!  As if puberty wasn’t tough enough on us already…but to take a delicious snack and morph it into something that reminds us of  awkward and perhaps self-conscious memory… of acne. Well, now it’s edible YUK!   But I can’t decide ... Read More »



The sign that greeted me when I came into work today! lol A special sign for those who made it into work today! Read More »

Sting Song signed…


What a cool couple…His wife introduces him…Just days after starting his Rock Paper Scissors tour with Peter Gabriel last week, Sting spent an off day on stage at a benefit for the Mill Neck Manor School for the deaf in Mill Neck, New York. He performed “Message in a Bottle” while the students from the school, on stage with him, ... Read More »

Are you Man Enough for Def Leppard?


The Def Leppard – REO Speedwagon – Tesla tour resumed last night (Wednesday) in Boston after a few weeks off. To mark the occasion, Def Leppard have released a video for the song “Man Enough,” off their recent self-titled album, which came out last year. Asked about making videos today versus back in the ’80s, singer Joe Elliott says, “It’s ... Read More »

REO gets reworked


REO Speedwagon is hip again…Pit Bull has re-worked “Take It On The Run” into a new song called “Messin’ Around.”  REO singer Kevin Cronin says the song “starts out to be ‘Take It On the Run’ but soon morphs into a hip-hop groove with a  sensual street edge, and I’m digging it.” Cronin approved the project from the word go.  ... Read More »