Bob Seger has put together a video in support of the title track to his latest album, I Knew You When.

It features sketch renderings of photos of Bob, including one with him and his childhood friend Glenn Frey, who the song and album are dedicated to.

Bob Seger on Glenn Frey and why he dedicated his latest album, I Knew You When, to his memory. OC:…honored his memory. :20

 “You’re just a couple of middle- to lower middle-class kids from Michigan and somehow we met and just became really good buddies, loved the same music, you know, shared the same passion. It [his death] affected me deeply, and I just thought of his wife and his kids and I just wanted to do a record that honored his memory.”


Seger is still recovering from back surgery, which forced him to postpone his tour. He hopes to resume it in the spring.