A handful of artists have posted online their well wishes and thoughts for 2018. Here are a few:

Brian May: “I hope it’s a year in which all your problems become magically transformed into things to be grateful for, and let’s hope that this is a year in which we as humans learn to respect the right of every creature on this planet to a decent life, lived in the sunshine bringing up a family in peace. God bless you all and have fun.”

Carlos Santana: “Happy New Year 2018. Let us go forward knowing we will heal all the wounds, forgive all mishaps, restore all beauty and grace ignite love. We are ONE and at this particular time and place with precision definition effectiveness. Beyond the shadow of doubt — lame excuses — we will achieve the impossible and inevitable. Remember, when the fog said to the SUN, ‘Why do you eliminate and do away with me?’ The SUN answered, ‘Because you never WAS and I always IS.’ Mercy is healing. Compassion is healing. Illumination is healing. Patience is healing. Generosity is healing. Consideration is healing.”

Ian Anderson: “Very best New Year wishes go to all our fans and followers for this 2018. We hope to see you at a concert along the way, but if you have other plans, not to worry. My best wishes go out to you anyway! Have a good one and — whoops — forgot yet again that it is the 50th anniversary of Jethro Tull on the 2nd of February (technically speaking), so make mine a large Monkey Shoulder on ice.”

Rick Wakeman: “Well if 2018 races by as quickly as 2017 then I think I might as well leave the Christmas decorations up!… Moving on, 2018 looks like being another diverse and interesting year… I am going to be spending much of January and February locked in my music room and studio every day, writing and recording as well as doing some orchestrations. [Plus] lots of meetings apparently to decide on the YES/Anderson, Rabin, Wakeman scheduling for the year as well as solo concerts.”