In since-deleted tweets, Damon described how Clayne Crawford‘s alleged bad behavior led to him getting fired from the show.

Damon posted a photo showing blood flowing from the back of his head, an injury he allegedly suffered while shooting the April 24th episode, which Crawford directed.

Damon also shared a photo of a sticker that read “Clayne Crawford is an emotional terrorist,” which he said “other people were posting in and around the lot.”

He also claimed Crawford was physically abusive, tweeting that “he hit another actor in the mouth with a bottle of green tea and busted his mouth open” and tagging actor Lance Henriksen.

Damon said Crawford “has a file of infractions” and asked Warner Bros. to “#ReleaseTheTapes.”

As of Tuesday morning, Damons’ Twitter account was no longer active. 

A few days ago, Crawford was fired and replaced by American Pie star Seann William Scott for the show’s upcoming third season.