If you asked regular Def Leppard fans what their favorite album is from the band, they’d likely pick Hysteria or Pyromania — but what would the members of Def Leppard say?

Classic Rock magazine asked each band member that question as part of a preview for their The Collection: Volume One box set that’s due out June 1st. Joe Elliott, Phil Collen and Rick Savage all picked Hysteria, with Collen believing, “We actually changed the way that music sounded on the radio” with that album.

Rick Allen said that “it changes” for him but right now it’s Slang from 1996. “We were reeling from the fallout of the whole Seattle scene, and that album was a great opportunity to get back to basics.” And Vivian Campbell decided to stick with something recorded while he was in the band, Songs From the Sparkle Lounge from 2008.

Talk About It:

  • Don’t sleep on High n’ Dry — there are some rockers on that one.
  • Nobody’s picking Adrenalize, right?
  • I’d always go with Pyromania over Hysteria — for one thing, it’s shorter.