In an interview with BBC radio, the Rocket Man offers praise to British hip-hop artist Stormzy — who has yet to make it in the U.S. Otherwise, he says even the worst songs from decades ago are better than the typical contemporary single.

Elton John says most songs written and recorded these days are musically inferior to their counterparts decades ago. OC: …and that’s what I love. :20 [phone quality]

“I wish people would write better songs. When you listen to even the cheesiest song from the ’50s and ’60s or ’70s, they’re songs. There’s a lot of songs on the charts I can’t … sing. And it’s just a beat and a… Someone like Stormzy can actually do that with ‘Blinded by Your Grace, Part II.’ And he sings and it’s so beautiful — and that’s what I love.”


The Rocket Man admits that times have changed — radio isn’t interested in new music from veteran artists. His desire to expose his songs to younger audiences led to the recently released covers collections Revamp and Restoration.  

Elton John tells BBC radio the big reason he’s in favor of Revamp and Restoration, the albums covering his classics. OC: … our songs, younger people. :21 [phone quality]

“Radio is very ageist, when it comes to like American radio, pop radio everywhere in the world. It’s someone else’s turn now, and it’s frustrating because you do want your music to get heard. If I make a record like The Union with Leon Russell, there’s not many ways that it’s going to get played on radio. So one of the reasons ww did Revamp and Restoration is to get our songs out there to people that don’t know our songs, younger people.”

Elton concedes, “I’ve had my time in the sun… I’ve had the most amazing career,” but says it’s also “time to move on, people change, and that’s the way music has to be.”