“Food-For-Lights” food drive to support our local Phoenix Community.

“Food-For-Lights” Food Drive


Phoenix, AZ – The holiday season is one for remembering those who are in need the most, and Moon Valley Neighborhood Association (MVNA) is making sure they do just that! This holiday season, MVNA is building on their wonderful tradition of celebrating the “12 Homes of Christmas”, and sponsoring a “Food-For-Lights” food drive to support our local Phoenix Community. Visitors who drive through, will enjoy home after home beautifully decorated, and have a chance to help those who are less fortunate.  They are looking to show how “Our Moon Valley Spirit” shines brighter than lights by supporting families in need by collecting non-perishable food items at their six food drop box locations.

Finding the best light displays can be difficult, but not when you know where to go! Below are the winners of the “12 Homes of Christmas” decorating contest, so come down and see for yourself this beautifully lit community!

Dates / Times of Collection: Friday December 19, 2014 through Wednesday December 24, 2014.

Food Drop Box Locations: Six collection sites with a brightly decorated box and MVNA FOOD DRIVE sign on:

629 W. Moon Valley Drive, 346 W. Tam O’Shanter, 435 Gleneagles, 14257 N. Canterbury, 15201 N. 8th Ave, 15233 N. 4th Street, and inside the Moon Valley Country Club.

Check www.moonvalleyna.org for more detailed information on “Food-For-Lights”.

Moon Valley Christmas Lights Awards

12 Homes of Christmas:

311 E. Brook Hollow

309 E. Port au Prince

132 W. Boca Raton

1426 W. Port au Prince

15209 N. 8th Ave.

1010 W. Port au Prince

346 W. Tam-O-Shanter

1339 W. Port au Prince

629 W. Moon Valley Dr.

15045 N. 8th Ave

1014 W. Indian Hills

14257 N. Canterbury Dr.

Spirit Awards:

14423 N. 6th Street

902 W. Port Royale

112. W. Southern Hills

525 E. Deepdale Road

74 E. Canterbury Court

14420 N. 5th Place

14426 N. 5th Place

14433 N. Interlacken Drive

417 E. Port au Prince Lane

1415 W. Port au Prince Lane

1460 W. Port au Prince Lane

15201 N. 8th Avenue

The Jingle Bell Rock Award: 15233 N. 4th St.

Santa’s Helper Award: 209 E. Coral Gables

Spirit of Moon Valley Award: 734 W. Carribean

The Night before Christmas Award: 326 E. Carribean

“White Christmas” Award: 14451 W. Coral Gables 

It’s a Wonderful Life in Moon Valley: 327 W. Glen Eagles

Best Street(s):

W. Port au Prince

E. Forest Hills

E. Canterbury Ct.

N. 8th Ave.

W. Carribean

W. Southern Hills

Honorable Mentions:

1. 55 E. Winged Foot

2. 1401 W. Port au Prince

3. 14202 N. Coral Gables

4. 335 E. Forest Hills

5. 15202 N. 8th Ave.

6. 15039 W. 14th Ave.

7. 1 E. Canterbury Ct.

8. 15033 N. Moon Valley Dr.

9. 14434 N. Interlacken

10. 555 W. Southern Hills

11. 17 W. Boca Raton

12. 14264 N. Piping Rock