PGA Tour Superstore “Chip For Dough”

Jim Owen
and the KSLX Classic Rock Crew will be at the PGA Tour Superstore in North Scottsdale on Saturday, Nov. 8th from 2PM to 4PM for the “Chip For Dough” contest!

If you’re a local golf “superstar”, prove your skills in the “Chip For Dough” contest where you have 3 shots to chip golf balls into a net. Golfers qualify for a $300, a $200 and a $100 gift card. Hit the center ring and qualify for the $300 card, hit the 2nd ring for the $200 card and the outer ring for a $100 card. Everyone who comes by will qualify to win a Saturday/Sunday weekend at a local resort! Plus, we’ll have your favorite Classic Rock That Rocks and more KSLX swag!