KSLX Takes over Disneyland

KSLX's Jim Owen broadcasts Live from Disney's California Adventure

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JilBrown - Is this the pumpkin I'm looking for?  Have I found it?  I hope so!







BarryGorsky - Are we looking for this pumpkin or what??


EileenEinwalter - Wow is this the pumpkin ? I sure hope so :)
Eileen Einwalter  

BrendanFogarty2 - Brendan Fogarty - Looks like the pumpkin to me!!!!  

Carey3709 - hoping this is the pumpkin today!  :-)  

devonlavoy - This certainly looks like a pumpkin! :)  

lovexphyles - found the pumkin...now what?? :)


DianeCronk - I am hoping this is the pumpkin we are suppose to find.


sthomson - Me to. I hope this is the pumpkin you're lookin' for!  

SariPhilipps - I clicked on the pumpkin but nothing happened...which leads me to believe that this is not the pumpkin we are looking for. :-)  

SariPhilipps - I clicked on the pumpkin but nothing happened...which leads me to believe that this is not the pumpkin we are looking for. :-)  

SariPhilipps - Oops, sorry it posted twice.  

SteveBrussat - It's in the next photo also-so I really doubt it.  

BillShafer - I found it and can ****** you that this is not it. Good luck.  

WendyWalther - I'm also frustrated by all the pumpkin shots that are not the ones for the contest! LOL


RayRodriguez2 - I'm not too sure, but I do think this is the pumpkin you've been looking for...  

GailThompson2 - I didn't see any other pumpkins anywhere.  I hope this is it.  

FranNorman - let me know if that is the pumpkin to treat me?  

DAMIANZOIDA - i'm mixed-up! is the pumpkin byitself or pictured with others? if the pumpkin the right one what will it say?   

AaronPalmer - it's the great pumpkin Charlie Brown!  

DeniseReimann - Found it!  : )  

DeniseReimann - Found!!! : )  

milliejoralmon - is this the pumpkin we need to find?


RenaeBowers - Renee Bowers- Happy Halloween, I've had enough tricks lately. So I'm hoping I get a treat !Keep rockin love the music.  

okiegirl71 - Are there any clues?  

DanHallman - Ha HAAA! Found it!  

RUTH G - This is the only other "SPECIAL PUMKIN" that I see that you click on and it brings you to this page on the website,though there are 2 others on the homepage and when you click on them you are not directed to another page,so this must be the right one !  

milliejoralmon - Found this again on the 19th don't know if it is the right picture or not.....  

DianeCronk - Is this today's pumpkin?  

LauraNixon - Whoohoo! Hurray for the great orange KSLX-o-latern!  

okiegirl71 - :) YAY!  

leeshrocks - PUMPKIN!!! found you! i hope...! :)  

leeshrocks - PUMPKIN!!! found you! i hope...! :)  

GregoryVanosdell - Hope this is the correct pumkin photo!!  

MickiEggettKidd - Here it  is.   Yes sir!!!    tnx Micki Eggett Kidd


kimberly.hesketh's picture

kimberly.hesketh - i found the pumpkin. in differt places on takes over disney. kslx your the best  

kimberly.hesketh - this is the one  

Jann HSchott - Happy Halloween to all the crew at KSLX 100.7!!    

TraciWright3 - I found the pumpkin!!!!  Pick me!!!  Traci Wright @ 602-460-5958  

tyjag - I've looked all over and either I'm horrible at hide and seek, or KSLX does one **** of a good job of hiding pumpkins if this isn't it. At least I know all about my favorite channel now.  

fronaccona1971 - Побольше бы информации по данной темке, интересно ж однако ознакомиться