On Monday, Adler and his mother were interviewed on Melbourne, Australia’s Triple M Radio’s The Hot Breakfast. Asked if there’s any chance the original Guns n’ Roses would get back together, Adler said it’s up to one person, Axl Rose‘s manager, Fernando [Lebeis]. He explained that, “All I can do is say hello to Fernando, Hi Fernando, how are you?…I’ve got to be impeccable with my words, that means without sin. I love you Fernando, I know you’re going to do the right thing.”

He then urged fans who wanted him back in the fold to contact Fernando on social media “and bug the crap out of him until he finally gets it and puts the band back together.” Then he gave out what is not actually Fernando’s website, telling folks to contact “FernandoAxlsManager.com.” 
Adler ended by saying, “Fernando is loving me right now, I’m going to get a text tomorrow: ‘What the hell is wrong with you?’ I love you Fernando, and congratulations on the baby.” (NME)