Carlos Santana says that “No One to Depend On” grew out of an appearance by the band on the TV show The Bell Telephone Hour. He explains that the band was actually given charts by conductor Zubin Mehta for an entirely different song.

“We tried to read it and it was funny, we just couldn’t get it, so we threw the paper away and we created something on the spot. We created ‘Batuka’ and ‘No One to Depend On’ at the same time, saying, ‘We can do this. We can just make our own.’ We didn’t know better. So we sit down and just out of sheer conviction of doing it, those songs came within probably two hours. Things just happened. One musician would start playing and he’d paint the picture and we’d follow and I’d paint something and they’d follow me. It’s like basketball or soccer, you gotta pass the ball.