HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Foghat drummer Roger Earl turns 72 today and as you may know “Fool for the City” was a moderately successful single for Foghat, but it became a fixture on FM rock radio playlists. The band’s drummer, Roger Earl, explains recording in a studio in the mountains of Vermont inspired their late frontman Dave Peverett to write it.

“Problem was, when you’re stuck on a mountain and nothing else to do except be in the studio. It was nice for a little while, but we started missing the city and that’s where the idea came up from: ‘I’m a fool for the city.’ I mean, you miss all that sort of smell of diesel fumes and gasoline fumes and noise and stuff. You know, you walk out of the studio and all you can hear is birds. I mean, very nice and they’ve got their place, but I miss the city.”