HBD ~ Frank Beard ~ ZZ Top Quiz Time!

HBD ~ Frank Beard ~ ZZ Top Quiz Time!

ZZ Top drummer Frank Beard celebrates his 69th birthday today (June 11th). In 1969, the year ZZ Top formed, the leading money-winner on the PGA golf tour hailed from the band’s home state of Texas. What was his name?

Stumped? Here are a few clues.

  • It was not Texas golf legend Ben Hogan, who was then two years from retiring from competitive golf.
  • It was not Texan Lee Trevino, who won just one tournament that year, his second on the PGA tour.
  • He actually shares a name with a member of ZZ Top and 1969 was the only year he topped the PGA’s money list.

ANSWER: Frank Beard


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! @ZZTop drummer Frank Beard turns 69 today.