Today is the 72nd birthday of Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones so we thought we’d celebrate with “the quintessential Zeppelin song, Stairway to Heaven”.  At 1pm today we’ll flashback to 1971 from Led Zeppelin IV, never released as a single, it was, however, the most-requested song on FM radio throughout the 1970s.

John Paul Jones tells us the first time he heard “Stairway to Heaven” it was played to him by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant in front of the fireside at Headley Grange, the English cottage where most of Led Zeppelin IV was recorded. He talks about his role in the track’s creation and why he thinks it became such a classic and says, “I think Jimmy and Robert had written it in Bron-Yr-Aur, a little Welsh farmhouse in the back mountains somewhere. And they just played it over the intro to me. And I had a bass recorder at the time and just played that first line, which I then later built up with lots of other recorders. We went through the song section by section. It’s quite interesting musically. It actually has a lot of styles, which is probably why it’s the quintessential Zeppelin song – because it encompassed everything from the acoustic beginning right the way through.”

SOURCE: Premiere Radio Prep