HEART: Talking About the Future

HEART: Talking About the Future

It looks like Heart fans can be optimistic about the band’s future.

They’ve been inactive since Ann Wilson‘s husband Deen Wetter pleaded guilty last year to assaulting Nancy Wilson’s children on a tour bus in Auburn, Washington in the summer of 2016. Wetter didn’t spend any time behind bars, but was placed on two years probation and can’t have any contact with Nancy’s kids.

Now Ann Wilson says that the she and her sister are looking ahead to what’s next for the band they’ve fronted for over 40 years.

Ann Wilson says she and her sister will speak soon about a Heart reunion. OC:…fresh cool way. :20 (Courtesy Q104.3/New York)

“Nancy and I will be getting together soon to talk and see if we have any ideas on that. We will never agree to going back out there in a mechanical, money-grab type way. At this point in my life, I’m not going to do that. I’m going to make every minute count and make it count. We’ll talk and we’ll figure out if we can figure out a fresh, cool way.”

Ann adds, “Heart was conceived in an atmosphere of idealism, and that’s how it has to be reconceived now, for me to be interested in doing it.”