Huey Lewis… Bob Dylan song

Huey Lewis… Bob Dylan song

HUEY LEWIS AND THE NEWS: Missed Chance to Record a Bob Dylan Song

You know Huey Lewis and the News for their hits — “Power of Love,” “The Heart of Rock and Roll,” “Workin’ for a Livin’.” Those songs made fans of many people, including — apparently — Bob Dylan. He once offered The News a song to record. Amazingly, they passed on the opportunity.

Promoting Friday’s show at the Borgata Casino, Huey told the Atlantic City Weekly that after they met recording the charity anthem “We Are the World,” Dylan actually sent Lewis a song, expecting they’d want to record it. (We don’t know which song it was.)

Looking back 30 years later, the easygoing rocker admits to making a mistake. He says, “I dunno. We had already planned our next record… I was a headstrong 29-year-old…What can I say? Note to self: next time Bob Dylan sends you a song, cut it!”

Bob remains Huey’s hero. He says, “If not for Bob Dylan, I’m not doing what I’m doing today.”

SOURCE: Premiere Radio Prep