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•    Munich Massacre takes place during the summer Olympics.
•    The Watergate break-in takes place.
•    George Wallace is shot.
•    President Nixon orders the development of the “Space Shuttle”
•    Mariner 9 sent back the first pictures of Mars.
•    The last manned mission to the moon, Apollo 17 comes back to earth.
•    Nixon goes to the Soviet Union…the first president to do so.  
•    A program code for “E-Mail” was written.  

•    MOVIES: “The Godfather” “Deliverance” along with “Deep Throat” are, literally, the hottest films of the time.
•    T.V.: “Sanford and Son”, “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids”, “M*A*S*H” “The Bob Newhart Show”.
•    Video games named Odyssey & Atari could now be hooked up to your home TV so you could play “Pong”.
•    The first pocket calculator could be yours for a cool $100.
•    McDonalds put breakfast in the palm of our hands by introducing the “Egg McMuffin”.
•    Pink Floyd releases “Dark Side of the Moon”.

•    America's self-titled debut album was released initially in Europe with only moderate success and without the song "A Horse with No Name"
•    "A Horse with No Name" was originally called "Desert Song"
•    The song was banned by some U.S. radio stations because of supposed drug references.
•    The song's resemblance to some of Neil Young's work aroused some controversy.
•    By coincidence, it was "A Horse with No Name" that replaced Young's "Heart of Gold" at the #1 spot on the U.S. pop chart.
•    America with “A Horse with No Name” the number 1@1 from March 1972

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