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•    Exxon Valdez struck a reef spilling millions of gallons of oil into Prince William Sound.
•    Oliver North Is Convicted In Iran "Contra" Affair.
•    The US Government provides a $150 billion bailout for hundreds of saving and loan associations.

•    George H.W. Bush became the 41st President.
•    After 30 years the Cold War between East and West ends and the Berlin Wall comes down.


•    MOVIES: “Batman,” “Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade,” “Lethal Weapon 2,”  “Look Who’s Talking” & “Driving Miss Daisy” were on the big screen.
•    TV: “The Cosby Show”, “Rosanne”, “Cheers”, “Family Matters”
•    Nintendo introduces us to “Game Boy”
•    The Energizer Bunny became the drum thumping battery spokesperson.
•    Toyota launches the Lexus
•    Yugo Cars go bankrupt, Ford buys Jaguar
•    Allegations that Baseball’s  Pete Rose gambled on the Game became public.

•    Lucille Ball: August 6, 1911 – April 26, 1989 She posthumously received the Presidential Medal of Freedom
•    Gilda Radner: June 28, 1946 – May 20, 1989 part of the original cast of the NBC sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live, for which she won an Emmy Award. She posthumously won a Grammy for "Best Spoken Word Or Non-Musical Recording" in 1990.

•    This is the first single from Tom Petty’s first solo album “Full Moon Fever.”
•    The song sends a message of defiance against unnamed forces of difficulty and possibly oppression.
•    It was written by Petty and Jeff Lynne who also played bass on the album.
•    George Harrison plays acoustic guitar in the song and backing vocals.
•    Tom Petty  had a terrible cold the day they were recording, so George Harrison boiled a ginger root it and had Petty inhale the ginger steam to open up his sinuses, and then he ran in and did the take.
•    This song was number one on the Billboard Mainstream rock hits chart for 5 weeks.
•     Here’s solo Tom Petty with “I Won’t Back Down” Your #1 at 1 from April 1989. 

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