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•    The “Black Monday” stock market fall.
•    The Iran-Contra affair was big news.
•    Gary Hart playing hanky panky with a hottie named Donna Rice.
•    The Rev. Jim Bakker admitted committing adultery with a church secretary Jessica Hann.
•    The Iraqis lob a couple of missiles into the USS Stark killing 37 sailors.
•    Prozac would hit the market

•    MOVIES:“3 Men & a Baby” “Dirty Dancing” “Good Morning Viet Nam” and “Lethal Weapon”
•    T.V.: “Married…with Children”,  “21 Jump Street”.  “The Simpson’s” debuted on the Tracy Ullman Show
•    Aretha Franklin became the first woman inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
•    Pi is calculated out to 134 million decimal places with no end in sight.

•    Liberace
•    Andy Warhol
•    Rita Hayworth
•    Fred Astaire
•    Jackie Gleason

•    The third single from their Slippery When Wet album.
•    It has become the band's signature song, topping fan-voted lists and re-charting around the world decades after its release.
•    Jon Bon Jovi did not like the original recording of this song.
•    In 2006, online voters rated "Livin' on a Prayer" #1 on VH1's "list of The 100 Greatest Songs of the '80s".
•    The song has been a popular karaoke and wedding band song and covered by countless bands. There's even an oompah version in 3/4 time by UK oompah band “Oompah Brass”.
•    They started in Buffalo N.Y. but individual roots tracing back to New Jersey.
•    Bon Jovi would hit the top for the second time in just under 5 months, with “Livin’ on a Prayer” your #1 @ 1 from February 1987.

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