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•    Ted Bundy who would confess to over 30 murders is finally arrested in Florida 
•    “Son of Sam” David Berkowitz got sent to prison for life.
•    The “Camp David Accord” would be reached with the hope of peace in the Middle East.  
•    1978 would be the first time a foreign auto manufacturer (VW) would build its cars here in the U.S!
•    The Feds also raised the mandatory retirement age to 70!  
•    Porn publisher Larry Flynt is shot and paralyzed in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

•    MOVIES: “Superman”, “Grease” and “The Deer Hunter”.
•    T.V.: The Blues Brothers make their first appearance on Saturday Night Live. The Incredible Hulk, Dallas,  Mork & Mindy,  Battlestar Galactica and WKRP in Cincinnati, all premiere.
•    Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumors” and the Eagles “Hotel California” are the big albums and both win Grammy’s.
•    The Susan B. Anthony silver dollar enters circulation.
•    We got our first taste of Ben & Jerry’s

•    Terry Kath (Chicago)
•    Keith Moon (The Who) 
•    Sid Vicious’ girlfriend (Nancy Spungen)

•    From their album Some Girls.
•    It was written by singer Mick Jagger jamming with keyboardist Billy Preston during rehearsals.
•    Charlie Watts said that "A lot of those songs like Miss You on Some Girls... were heavily influenced by going to the discos.
•    "Miss You" became The Rolling Stones' eighth number-one hit in the U.S.
•    The Rolling Stones celebrated 17 years as a rock & roll band by claiming the #1 spot yet again with Miss You…you’re #1 @ 1 from August 1978.

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