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•    Jimmy Carter was sworn in, gave the canal back to Panama and grants pardon to American Draft dodgers of the Vietnam War. 
•    David Berkowitz is captured in Yonkers, New York, after over a year of murders in New York City as the Son of Sam.
•    The Space Shuttle, Enterprise, makes its first test free-flight from the back of a Boeing 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft.
•    The last execution by guillotine took place in France.

•    MOVIES: “Star Wars”, “Annie Hall” “The Goodbye Girl”, “Saturday Night Fever”.
•    T.V.: American Bandstand turned 25 years old.” Laverne & Shirley” “Charlies Angels,”  “M*A*S*H” and “Roots”. 
•    The first ever Quadraphonic concert in London by Pink Floyd.

•    The world's first personal computer, the Commodore PET, is demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago.
•    The first Apple II computers went on sale

•    A plane crash in Mississippi with members of Lynyrd Skynyrd on board kills 4.
•    Elvis Presley : January 8, 1935 – August 16, 1977
•    Groucho Marx: October 2, 1890 – August 19, 1977
•    Freddie Prinze : June 22, 1954 – January 29, 1977
•    Joan Crawford : March 23, 1905 – May 10, 1977

•    This is the fifth studio album released by the Eagles.
•    It is the first Eagles album without founding member Bernie Leadon and the first album with Joe Walsh.
•    They would win a Grammy Award for Best Arrangement for Voices with "New Kid In Town".
•    The album was ranked #37 on Rolling Stone's list of “The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time”.
•     Some of the vinyl record pressings had custom picture labels of a blue Hotel California logo with a yellow background. 
•    The front album cover art work is a photograph of the Beverly Hills Hotel. The rear album cover was shot at the Lido in Hollywood.
•    “Hotel California” is their best-selling studio album, with over 16 million copies sold to date in the U.S.
•    The Eagles “New Kid in Town” your #1@1 from February 1977.

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