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•    Bernie Goetz uses 4 muggers on a NYC subway train for target practice.
•    Vanessa Williams, the first black Miss America loses her crown, because of some 'artsy' nude photos taken several years earlier, were published in Penthouse magazine...
•    NASA gets a new space shuttle called “Discovery”
•    The last Volkswagen Rabbit rolls off the assembly line.
•    US Bell System is broken up. 

•    MOVIES: “Beverly Hills Cop” “Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom” and “Ghostbusters”.  
•    T.V: “The A-Team” “Family Ties” and “The Cosby Show.”  “Dynasty and Dallas” were rival night time soaps.
•    “Where’s the beef?” Wendy’s ad campaign that became part of our vocabulary.
•     Michael Dell started selling Dell Computers, targeting small businesses and households instead of the high-end consumers like his competitors.
•    Guess Jeans were also a hot “must have”.  Children were playing with Transformers and Cabbage Patch Kids dolls.

•    Indira Gandhi is assassinated.
•    Johnny Weissmuller (Tarzan)
•    Singer Marvin Gaye (April 2, 1939 - April 1, 1984) was shot and killed by his father on the day before his 45th birthday.
•    Richard Burton

•    It is the opening track of their 1983 album 90125. This was the group's one and only #1 charting hit.
•    Originally it was written as a ballad, not as the rock song that became famous.
•    The song's music video received a great deal of airplay on MTV, introducing the revamped Yes lineup and sound to a new generation of fans largely unfamiliar with the band's very different earlier work, which had helped to define the genre of progressive rock. 
•    According to Trevor Rabin on the DVD Yes Video Hits, he wrote this song in his bathroom (which had very good acoustics), and it was a "particularly long visit.
•     Here’s Yes with “Owner of a Lonely Heart” your #1@1 from January 1984.


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