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• Inflation grew as part of the effect to fund the war in Vietnam continued.

• All eyes were looking to the skies as the US and USSR continued in their space race to see who would be first to land a man on the moon.

• Anti-Vietnam War Protests were going on around the world.

• The Miranda Rights come into being.

• Race riots continued to increase across cities in America.



• MOVIES: “A Man For All Seasons” “Thunderball ” and “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” 

• T.V.: Bonanza, The Andy Griffith Show, The Jackie Gleason Show, The Lucy Show, The Red Skelton Show, Bewitched.

• The 8-track was a new-fangled option on many Ford cars.

• Color Television Sets become popular, Pampers create the first disposable Diaper.

• Grammys Awarded:  “A Taste Of Honey” Herb Albert is the Record of the Year. Album of the Year was “September of My Years,” Frank Sinatra.

• John Lennon commented that the Beatles were “bigger than Jesus.”

• Stephanie Kwolek invented Kevlar, pound for pound, five times stronger than steel.

• Hotties were Raquel Welch, Barbara Eden, Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Diana Rigg, Barbara Feldon, Doris Day, Annette Funicello



• Walt Disney

• Montgomery Clift



• Written and recorded by Scottish singer-songwriter Donovan.

• The song was written for Donovan’s future wife Linda Lawrence.

• The lyrics of the song mention not only Superman but also another DC comics superhero, Green Lantern.

• This is Donovan’s only number one single.

• Here’s “Sunshine Superman” your #1 @ 1 from August 1966.


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