The final album in a trilogy of releases by the estate of Jimi Hendrix is out today (Friday).

Both Sides of the Sky, co-produced by Jimi’s producer and engineer Eddie Kamer, contains 13 songs, 10 of which have never been released. It follows 2010’s Valleys of Neptunes and 2013’s People, Hell and Angels.

Eddie Kramer on the new Jimi Hendrix album, Both Sides of the Sky. OC:…finish it in 1970. :30

“This period, which is represented on Both Sides of the Sky, is ’69 going into ’70 when he was here in New York just jamming in the studio. It’s Jimi standing there live with a Marshall stack behind him, drums and bass and that’s the song. And that’s part of this whole process of how he wrote. He would write a song say at the end of 1968 and put it aside and then pick it up again in ’69 and then maybe finish it in 1970.”

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