Liz Jordan

The Best Super Bowl Halftime Shows


During most of the Super Bowl’s first decade, the halftime show featured a college marching band. The show’s second decade featured a more varied show, often featuring drill teams and other performance ensembles; the group Up with People produced and starred in four of the performances. The middle of the third decade, in an effort to counter other networks’ efforts ... Read More »

Which names are real or fake?


College and professional sports are usually fertile ground for player names that border on the bizarre. And no one spins this trend better than “Key & Peele.” Their East/West College Bowl introduction parodies…Now we have even more names to crack up over in their upcoming Super Bowl Special tonight on Comedy Central. Read More »


At The Movies

I can’t wait until June for the release of Ted 2. It’s sophomoric but laugh out loud funny!   NEW ON DVD- Released January 27 Before I Go to Sleep The Judge Fury The Book of Life Downton Abbey Season 5 TOP FIVE MOVIES AT THE BOX OFFICE LAST WEEKEND 1/23: 1.   AMERICAN SNIPER 2.   THE BOY NEXT DOOR 3.   ... Read More »



Budweiser released its 2015 Super Bowl commercial featuring its signature Clydesdales coming to the rescue of their “Lost Dog” friend. The lost puppy tries to find his way home and when he gets into trouble, his horse buddies are there to take him home. Plus I’ve included the making of it…pretty interesting stuff. Read More »

Remembering Martin Luther King Junior


The Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Junior — born January 15th, 1929 — was a pastor, crusader and the youngest man ever to win the Nobel Peace Prize. His name has become synonymous with the civil rights struggle. He enrolled in Morehouse College at age 15 and found his calling. Before graduating with a sociology degree, he was ordained a minister. In 1955, ... Read More »

Clean Off Your Desk Day…


Yesterday, (Monday) was officially Clean Off Your Desk Day.  I asked what was the weirdest thing you found when you cleaned out your desk or someone elses!  My desk was pretty uneventful with just expired pain reliever (3 years past the date) some condiment packages, and a lot of paper I really didn’t need anymore.  I also unloaded all of ... Read More »

January Is…


              Month: National Bath Safety Month National Blood Donor Month National Braille Literacy Month National Hobby Month Hot Tea Month National Oatmeal Month National Soup Month   Week Celebrations: 2nd Week Letter Writing Week   January 2015 Daily Holidays, Special and Wacky Days: 1 New Year’s Day   2 Run up the Flagpole and ... Read More »

Get AAA Tipsy Tow and other options New Year’s Eve 2014: Don’t drive drunk tonight


AAA Arizona has been a champion for the safety and security of the motoring public since the club’s inception. As such, the auto club recognizes and has taken action to reduce a dangerous problem that threatens everyone on the road today: driving under the influence. According to the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division there were nearly 40,000 alcohol ... Read More »

Need a Last Minute gift? How about a Box set?

beatles box

If you need a last-minute Christmas gift for that music fan in your life, this was a good year for box sets. Here are some of the top classic rock offerings: Bob Dylan & The Band – Bootleg Series Vol. 11: Basement Tapes Complete Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – CSNY 1974 Queen – Live at the Rainbow ’74: Super ... Read More »



Some states have more dogs, and others, more cats. See why being in a “dog state” or “cat state” hardly tells the whole story. Does this pet map of cat states versus dog states tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?   A recent study on pet ownership conducted by the American Veterinary Medical Association reveals that there ... Read More »