Randi Scott

Santana Alive & Kicking!


Apparently Carlos Santana died…the rumors were squelched via his social media and says “Carlos is alive and well and enjoying his morning! Thank you all for your concern, but the reports of his passing are false.” We look forward to seeing Carlos Santana, alive and well, October 30th at Tempe Beach Park with John Fogerty at our 1st Annual KSLX Monster ... Read More »

John Lennon’s 75th Cupcake Art Mosaic


Baked by Melissa, a New York specialty bakery, is set to break records and celebrate John Lennon’s 75th with 40,000 cupcakes, including a peace sign, to be featured in Central Park. SOURCE: http://www.lennonbus.org/ http://www.lennonbus.org/ Read More »

Beatles Help PETA’s Adopt-a-Shelter-Pet Effort…


 The Beatles are helping PETA, the animal rights advocacy group, by authorizing the use “Can’t Buy Me Love” in a shelter pet adoption video public service announcement. Paul McCartney says “the great thing about PETA that it’s “relentless.” SOURCE: http://bit.ly/1WxZw0d http://bit.ly/1WxZw0d Read More »

Ozzy’s Lost Dog….


  Ozzy Osbourne is searching Beverly Hills for his dog, Charlie, his four-and-a-half-year-old Yorkshire terrier. Sharon Osbourne says “he is tri-colored – Charlie, not Ozzy – and went missing near Cold Water Canyon.” bit.ly/1JWDi5g Read More »

Doors Will Celebrate 50th ~ ….


2017 will rock with The Doors as they plan to celebrate their 50th anniversary of “Light My Fire” hittin number-one. Guitarist Robby Krieger tells Billboard, “I can’t say exactly what yet, but we never did get our tribute to Ray [Manzarek] going, so it’ll be part of that, for sure, and probably for Jim [Morrison], too.” The Doors will honor ... Read More »



It’s National Coffee Day, a day when we celebrate most everyone’s favorite morning beverage. Drink up — it’s International Coffee Day!  Which country grows the most coffee? a) Chile > b) Brazil c) Colombia  People in which country drink the most coffee? a) Japan b) Canada c) The Netherlands  Most of America’s coffee enters the country through which city? a) ... Read More »

Sexy Guys Are Intelligent & Honest….


According to Cosmo here are the top things that make guys attractive  ~ (I agree with this Cosmo list because it has nothing to do with looks and everything to do with intelligence, integrity, character, kindness and honesty.  Without these traits he lacks everything that matters. Don’t be reckless with your heart.) He’s smart: A well read guy who is always ... Read More »

Roger Waters ~ The Wall Hits Theaters …


Roger Waters The Wall, hits the big screen across the country tonight. Waters says, “I hope these worldwide screenings will be a good opportunity to remember, not just our fallen loved ones, but all the other guys’ fallen loved ones. Ashes and diamonds, foe and friend, we were all equal in the end.” SOURCE: For tickets and theater locations log ... Read More »