Randi Scott

Pearl Jam Rock The Late Show…


Pearl Jam and Stephen Colbert covered Neil Young’s “Rockin’ in the Free World” at the end of The Late Show. SOURCE: http://bit.ly/1QAVZKQ http://bit.ly/1QAVZKQ Read More »

Santana ~ An Open Invitation…


Carlos Santana addresses the situation as refugees flee Syria via his Facebook and Twitter pages… “This an invitation To the Pope, Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, all the Nobel Peace Prize champions and anyone and everyone that has money and heart power: Donald Trump step up your divinity Apple corporates, all the mega rich Humans in the world Share your love, ... Read More »

ELO – Jeff Lynne ~ “Alone in the Universe”….


Look for Jeff Lynne and ELO’s Alone in the Universe comin atcha in November, their first in 14 years. Lynne says, “Music is such a powerful force in our lives. A good song can make people feel much less alone in this universe. And trying to create one of those songs somehow makes me feel less alone too. My whole ... Read More »

Stevie Nicks Rocks with Foo Fighters…

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Foo Fighters rocked “Stop Dragging My Heart Around” and Fleetwood Mac‘s “Gold Dust Woman.” with Stevie Nicks at the Forum, Los Angeles show. SOURCE: http://bit.ly/1QX0yQh http://bit.ly/1QX0yQh Read More »

Don Henley’s Message for the Donald…


Don Henley had a few choice lyrics for Donald Trump via his appearance on The Late Show. During “Too Much Pride” Henley mentioned Trump in his lyrics… “You don’t have to be right, Donald, all the time/ You can’t go on with all these axes to grind/ So why don’t you lighten up and let it ride/ Too much pride.” ... Read More »

David Bowie ~ Productive Silence


Currently, David Bowie may be keeping a low public profile but he is in the midst of much creativity. Bowie has been busy working on the original song for the The SpongeBob Musical , and he’s creating music for Sky TV’s, The Last Panther.  Director Johan Renck says, “I was looking for one of the icons of my youth to ... Read More »

Alice Cooper Voices “Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood”…


Alice Cooper is the voice of  Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood, audio book comin atcha in November! Based on Sergei Prokofiev‘s Peter and the Wolf, Cooper says, “I love the fact that it’s moved on, and that Peter has come to Los Angeles to meet his grandfather, who turns out to be an old hippie! That gives the story ... Read More »

Metallica’s Bud Brew = Extra Special Fans


Have you seen the special Budweiser Metallica brew truck? It showed up on Tuesday in Quebec, with Labatt’s “sonic vibrations” and fans got to autograph the tank! Check out the Centre Videotron Facebook page for pictures of fans signing the tank. SOURCE: http://on.fb.me/1iV9kD0 http://on.fb.me/1iV9kD0 Read More »

Keith Richards Solo Tour???


 Regarding a solo tour to support his new sols record, Crosseyed Heart, which HIT Friday, Keith Richards says “I’d love to because I always think that a record isn’t finished until you play it on stage. We’ll do our best and see what happens.” SOURCE: bit.ly/1iSyJxm bit.ly/1iSyJxm Read More »