Randi Scott


Randi ScottWith her charismatic personality, Randi’s radio career began as an Arizona State SUNDEVIL where she obtained her B.A. in Broadcast Journalism at the Walter Cronkite School of Broadcasting. As an emcee for valley events, Randi has interviewed several of her favorite musicians and she has ignited valley airwaves since the 90s first as an intern at KTAR, then on-air talent at Arizona’s Alternative KUKQ and 93.3 KDKB. Randi’s combined passion for writing, literature, and music led her to working as a gifted educator for over 12 years with Scottsdale and Paradise Valley School Districts.

Prior to her promotion to Middays on 100.7 KSLX, your classic rock station, Randi Scott rocked GETTIN THE LED OUT for four years which makes perfect sense since the dynamics of Led Zeppelin create her ultimate listening experience. Randi loves the beach and she spends her free time playing tennis, jetskiing, spinning, and hiking. Occasionally, you’ll find Randi reaching for the keys on her Steinway, skiing deer valley, going to concerts, laughing with comedians and catching up with her favorite sportscasters~ March Madness baby!


Listen to 100.7 KSLX weekdays from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. to hear Randi Scott!


A little more about Randi: 

Hometown: Scottsdale, Arizona

Nickname: RandiPam

Favorite Food: Yellowtail Sashimi

Favorite Fragrance: Flower Bomb!

Pet Peeve: Gossip

Favorite Concert: Led Zeppelin

Dream Interview (Deceased/Alive): Jim Morrison/Robert Plant

Coolest Celebrity Met: Alice Cooper

Favorite Quote: “Your vocation should be your vacation!” ~Roger Clyne

Bustle says Listen more and be yourself! =)


Want to charm people? It’s pretty easy. Apparently all charming people have one thing in common. Any guesses? No, it’s not the gift of gab or even the ability to fit in anywhere. Actually, charming people LISTEN. That’s it. Actively listening to someone makes you come across as more charming. So … start listening!and here’s another brilliant idea –  BE ... Read More »

Randi’s Rock Lesson w/Bob Seger ~ HBD Craig Frost! =)


Keyboard player, Craig Frost, celebrates his 68th birthday today and as you know he joined the Silver Bullet Band in time to play on Nine Tonight, the double-live set that followed Seger’s only album to reach number-one on the Billboard 200, Against the Wind. Soooooo let’s take a closer look at Mainstreet, the song Seger considers to contain some of ... Read More »

Bob Seger Welcomes Springsteen to Motown… =)


 Bob Seger was Bruce Springsteen‘s surprise guest on The River tour in Auburn Hills, Michigan. In fact, Seger was invited on stage by Steven Van Zandt and stayed on stage to rock “Shout.”   SOURCE: bit.ly/23KPo82 – Tweet Read More »

AC/DC – Fashionista via Gucci…. ;)

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The fall of 2016 is gonna rock since Gucci is using AC/DC in a new fashion line…see it here:  T: The New York Times Styles Magazine. SOURCE including Picture Credit Source: bit.ly/263RRfV – Tweet http://bit.ly/263RRfV Read More »

Led Zeppelin – Presence


 Led Zeppelin‘s Presence album was certified platinum for one million sales 40 years ago today (April 12th, 1976). The seventh @ledzeppelin album, ‘Presence,’ was certified platinum for one million sales 40 years ago today. – Tweet Read More »

Hollywood Vampires – Summertime


The Hollywood Vampires — Alice Cooper, Joe Perry, Johnny Depp and Matt Sorum — have announced a full slate of dates for July. SOURCE:  Download The Hollywood Vampires will tour the U.S. in July. bit.ly/20mxPHT – Tweet bit.ly/20mxPHT Read More »

Sabbath ~ Fashion Forward ~

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Black Sabbath have hooked up with “Supreme” to create clothes with their logo, songs, record art  on T-shirts, baseball caps, hoodies, sweatshirts, denim jackets and hockey jerseys.  See more Sabbath attire here: SupremeNewYork.com. SOURCE: bit.ly/1qqijA1 – Tweet bit.ly/1qqijA Read More »

Flashinback to ’79 When The Knack ….


Flashinback with “My Sharona” from the record, Get The Knack, 1979 In 2000, the late Doug Fieger of The Knack reflected on the song and said, “The idea of the song is that it’s sex. You get the foreplay and then you get the build-up and then you get the orgasm and then you get the afterglow, which is the ... Read More »

Cheap Trick ~ Bang, Zoom, Crazy….Hello….Finally


Cheap Trick’s Bang, Zoom, Crazy…Hello Nielsen: “Well, I think we had a lawsuit and a new drummer and a new manager and…” Zander: “A new agency.” Nielsen: “Oh, that stuff.” Zander: “They were trying to pick us up off the floor. It took a while to clean house, put it that way. Now we have a closet full of new ... Read More »

John Bonham ~ The Best ~ #1 Drummer


Sooooooooo, Rolling Stone magazine has compiled its list of the 100 Greatest Drummers of All Time and it’s topped by Led Zeppelin‘s John Bonham. and here’s what the writers say: “We valued nuance and musicality over chops and flash, celebrating players who knew the value of aiding a great song more than hogging up a show with a silly solo.” ... Read More »