LED ZEPPELIN: From the You Can’t Make This Crap Up File

LED ZEPPELIN: From the You Can’t Make This Crap Up File

Selling bootlegs of unauthorized recordings, whether studio or live, is illegal, which is what makes this next story laughable.

Empress Valley, a Japanese bootleg label, which released a soundboard recording of Led Zeppelin’s September 29th, 1971 show in Osaka, Japan on Saturday, enclosed a message in the package.

It was for a customer who has taken their recordings and posted them online for folks to download for free.

In part, the message read, “[Bleep] you! Jesusmahdi! Please stop uploading all Empress Valley releases!”

The uploads have not only allowed fans of the band to get these recordings free of charge, but also other bootleg companies, which have then printed up their own illegal discs.

The fan-run LedZepNews website then reached out to Jesusmahdi who said the following:

  1. Pot… Kettle…
  2. Liberating the bootlegs after I spent good money on them… So honored that they mention me by name. (I hope my copy of 9/29 arrives soon so I can be the one to liberate it!)
  3. They should take it as a compliment… If their product was [crap] nobody would buy it or want it.
  4. Free advertising for their company… they should send me free [crap] for telling everybody they are my favorite label.
  5. Get a Life…

No word from the Led Zeppelin camp, who are no strangers to lawsuits.