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 QUEEN, STONES: Have Their Animal-Fighting Men




Brian May and Ronnie Wood are both fighting to save animals.

The Queen guitarist will be in London tomorrow (Wednesday) for a "pre-debate meeting in the Commons building." He says, "Wednesday is debate day on the future of the badger kill. There is no vote. This debate is in Westminster Hall -- not on the floor of the House. These debates are less formal -- the idea being to inform."

Meanwhile, Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood has written a piece for the U.K.'s Independent newspaper asking politicians to step in and stop the slaughter of elephants in Africa. He writes, "What if we made examples of poachers by making jewelery from their bones –- and see how their families like it?... It’s not too late to do something, but it will be soon. The first step seems obvious: a ban on legal ivory. Everywhere ivory is sold legally in Asia, illegal ivory is hiding behind it... [U.K. prime minister] David Cameron and Prince William have invited the Chinese, the Vietnamese and 50-odd more countries to London in February to find a resolution. In the meantime, we need a holding position. Secure elephant sanctuaries will save the species... I hope the politicians do come, and I hope a solution is found. The alternative is heartbreaking."

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