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 JOHN LENNON: His Senior Citizen Protector




Sunday marked the 33rd anniversary of the murder of John Lennon, and Lennon would no doubt be pleased with this story of generosity out of Havana, Cuba. You may remember 13 years ago a statue of Lennon was erected in a park there, but thieves kept making off with Lennon's trademark round glasses. That's when 82-year old Juan Gonzalez stepped in. A retired farm worker who lives across from the park, for the last 13 years, four days a week, he shows up at the statue at 6 a.m. for a 12-hour shift, wearing a government security guard’s uniform and cap. When tourists visit the statue he places the glasses on Lennon's nose and waits while people take pictures. When they're done he removes them and waits for the next photo op. Gonzalez is now 95.

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