Ex-Talking Heads frontman David Byrne says New York is in danger of losing what remains of its creative soul in a new op-ed piece.

In Byrne's essay for Creative Time Reports he describes New York as a body and a mind, and says that "the cultural part of the city -- the mind -- has been usurped by the top one percent." Byrne continues, "Most of Manhattan and many parts of Brooklyn are virtual walled communities, pleasure domes for the rich (which, full disclosure, includes me), and aside from those of us who managed years ago to find our niche and some means of income, there is no room for fresh creative types."

Byrne -- who's lived in the city since the mid-1970s -- adds that as New York comes to resemble cities like Abu Dhabi or Hong Kong, it's losing something vital. He says, "Those places might have museums, but they don't have culture. Ugh. If New York goes there -- more than it already has -- I'm leaving."

Byrne admits he doesn't know where he'd go, but he hopes the city changes course. He writes, "If the social and economic situation can be addressed, we're halfway there. It really could be a model of how to make a large, economically sustainable and creatively energetic city. I want to live in that city."