As British fans mark the 50th anniversary of their Beatlemania, a unique piece of Beatles memorabilia was just auctioned for a high four-figure price.

Sheffield, England's Star reports that the concert program from their first show there just sold for $6,800. Even though it's far from mint condition, the booklet stands out for being signed three times by John Lennon -- once each by Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney and George Harrison. But apparently, it once contained multiple signatures of Harrison and Starr -- which were snipped out to be given to other fans.

A representative of Hanson's Auctioneers shared the backstory with the Star: "Our client’s father and friends went along to the concert and were fortunate enough to meet the boys. Having just the one program to sign between them they politely asked John to sign three times, so they could each have an autograph.

"He kindly obliged, as did the other members of the band. As it happens one lucky fan was left with the program signed and the other parts of the program were cut up and divided amongst them. They included signatures of Ringo and George which were offered as a separate lot."