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Boxed Set.


 LITTLE FEAT: In a Large Box





Little Feat are having all the albums they recorded for Warner Brothers packaged together in a new box set.

Rad Gumbo: The Complete Warner Brothers Years 1971-1990 is a 13-CD collection containing the nine studio albums they released during that time, as well as live recordings and studio outtakes. It will be out on February 25th.

Rad Gumbo contains:
•Little Feat (1971)
•Sailin' Shoes (1972)
•Dixie Chicken (1973)
•Feats Don't Fail Me Now (1974)
•The Last Record Album (1975)
•Time Loves a Hero (1977)
•Waiting for Columbus - Live (1978)
•Bonus disc from Waiting for Columbus: Expanded Edition
•Down on the Farm (1979)
•Hoy-Hoy! (1981)
•Let It Roll (1988)
•Representing the Mambo (1990)
•Outtakes from Hotcakes and Outtakes (2000)

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