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Brian's Bootlegs?


 BEACH BOYS: Brian Wilson's Rarities and Unreleased Demos Out Today as Big Beat 1963  




Out today, The Beach Boys (digital-only) rarities collection Big Beat 1963 gives up a unique glimpse into the creative mind of Brian Wilson just before the British Invasion began. Not only writing and producing Beach Boys songs, he was also dabbling in other styles of rock -- including a twistin' dance groove ("The First Rock and Roll Dance"), Phil Spector-style rock/soul ("Bobby Left Me"), Dion-esque East Coast rock ("Marie"), the girl-group sound (The Honeys -- the trio that included his future wife Marilyn -- singing "Little Dirt Bike") and a Del Shannon/Frankie Valli-influenced surf rock number ("I Do"). Another song, "Gonna Hustle You" had lyrics a bit too risque for the early '60s. Toned down, it became Jan & Dean's hit "The New Girl in School." There are also demos from Bob and Sheri, featuring one-time Wilson collaborator Bob Norberg.

None were ever commercially released, although they've popped up at times as bootlegs. But for serious Brian Wilson and Beach Boys freaks, it's a 22-track trip into the ideas that were bubbling at the same magical time, inside one of rock and roll's brightest minds.

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