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 HALL: Final Fan Votes




As we reported, KISS was the leading vote-getter in the fan vote for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with a more than 239,000 votes.

Here's how the rest of this year's nominees did:

Nirvana 15.69% (218,155 votes)

Deep Purple 11.93% (165,828 votes)

YES 10.88% (151,238 votes)

Hall and Oates 8.1% (112,673 votes)

Peter Gabriel 7.97% (110,839 votes)

Linda Ronstadt 6.13% (85,252 votes)

Cat Stevens 5.37% (74,638 votes)

The Zombies 3.94% (54,764 votes)

N.W.A. 2.95% (40,985 votes)

The Replacements 2.26% (31,490 votes)

LL Cool J 1.92% (26,740 votes)

The Paul Butterfield Blues Band 1.76% (24,481 votes)

Chic 1.32% (18,395 votes)

Link Wray 1.32% (18,337 votes)

The Meters 1.24% (17,272 votes)

Total Votes: 1,390,504

This poll will be used to create a single online fan vote, and it will be matched against the roughly 600 music industry voters. The results will be announced this week with the induction ceremony set for April in New York.

Asked for his latest opinion on the Rock Hall, Paul Stanley of KISS says, "The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is marketing. You've got a bunch of faceless people in a back room who trademark a name that sounds very official... It's absurd for anybody to look around and hear the acts and artists who cite us as an inspiration, and then tell me that we're not in the Hall of Fame. I would certainly accept on their [the fans] behalf because it seems to be a major sore spot for them, but I don't need the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame."

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