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 ELTON: Trying to Save the Elephants




Elton John has joined Rolling Stones' guitarist Ronnie Wood in his fight to save the elephant.

Writing in the U.K. newspaper The Independent, Elton says, "I have been travelling to Africa for many years to support the work conducted by the Elton John AIDS Foundation... My time in Africa, however, allowed me more than just to witness the important work the foundation undertakes. It also enabled me to grow to understand, and fall in love with, the natural splendor which helps make the continent so very special... In the winter months you can see elephants, lions, buffalo, leopards and all the other great African fauna set against the dry, golden-brown winter bush. In the summer, the lush green foliage also brings with it migrant birds and the wonder of newborn animals... This is why I am so shocked to understand how these wild animals, particularly elephants, are once again being depleted in such numbers by poachers, and why I am so delighted to give my support to The Independent’s campaign with Space for Giants to raise awareness of this issue and provide funds to try to help combat it..."

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