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Macca Does SNL.


PAUL McCARTNEY: Live From New York Again  




A year and six days after appearing as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live, Paul McCartney returned to the show this weekend, joining host Jimmy Fallon during his opening monologue. Fallon explained that he was supposed to be joined by Macca, Bob Dylan and David Bowie, but they were all stuck in traffic in the Lincoln Tunnel, which connects New Jersey to New York. So he started to sing "Joy to the World," imitating his absent guests, when McCartney walked out. He and Fallon duetted on "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas." Also making cameo appearances on the show this weekend were Barry Gibb, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Madonna.

This past October, McCartney joined Fallon on his NBC show where they also did a skit together.

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