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New Hoax?


~~LED ZEPPELIN: Latest Reunion Hoax  




Well, if Led Zeppelin can't decide to reunite, someone else will do it for them.

There is now a website claiming to have three new songs by Zeppelin, which it says are recording and touring next year, as well as making a documentary. The site, which looks as if it was developed by a child, claims the album is called χυμεία3 and the three songs they've posted are "Single Eye Son of Man," "Never So Far" and "528 Nothing." There is also a notice saying, "The Royal Courts of Justice also ruled that under the Copyright Code 153B-20 this Copyright Act releases all musical rights to Bain Capitol who will decide how the album will be released and under what label. The Royal Courts also has authorized to release the Led Zeppelin 2014 album titled χυμεία3 to the general public under section 1501 B- 27 F."

The website, Led Zeppelin, also has a photo of what they claim is the album cover along with videos for the songs.

For now we'll stick to what Jimmy Page told us last month regarding Zeppelin doing anything together in 2014 - "Why don't you ask Robert Plant?"

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