The David Bowie hit "Space Oddity" figures prominently in the upcoming Ben Stiller-Kristen Wiig remake of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

A remixed version of the song, featuring Kristen Wiig, will appear in the film and on its soundtrack album, which comes out December 17th. The movie opens Christmas Day.

Wiig says she's a big Bowie fan and took guitar lessons in order to record her part for the movie, which she cut at Electric Lady Studios in New York. Using the song was Stiller's idea. The movie's director and star says he was excited to channel the song's emotion into the context of the film. He describes the scene in which it's used as where "the fantasy and reality come together for Walter," and says he loves both "that song and...that Bowie era."

A number of other '70s hits are reworked by contemporary artists on the soundtrack, including John Lennon's "#9 Dream."