Rush's Geddy Lee finally gets some musical closure this week with the release of Vapor Trails Remixed.

Making the 2002 album was a difficult process because it was the first since drummer Neil Peart lost his wife and daughter. Lee says that had an impact on why the mixing and mastering job on the original album didn't hold up. Lee says, "Although the songs are very strong in our view and the performances were quite good, we always thought there was a better mix in there."

Lee says he's always had a problem with the album because the original master sounded too loud and distorted -- and he's felt guilty since he was the member of the band in charge of that. He jokes that getting someone to take another crack at the album was "my cause I was championing to ease my own guilt."

The remix version of Vapor Trails replaces the original in a new box set out this week called The Studio Albums 1989 to 2007.