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 ROLLING STONES: Charlie's Shining Moment  




With Keith Richards turning 70 on Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal decided to ask him about The Rolling Stones writing and recording "Street Fighting Man." Not sure why, as Keith has told the story hundreds of times, including to us, but nonetheless one little nugget from the interview was that he felt it was a shining moment for Stones' drummer Charlie Watts.

"I think 'Street Fighting Man' is Charlie's most important record. Listen to him on there — he has this Wall of Sound thing going the way he's hitting that snap kit and the bigger drum. When you experiment the way we did as a band, the smallest little things can happen that turn out to be a big deal. You just need the determination to go there. It's amazing what can happen when you have the right instruments—and the right amount of echo [laughs]. To his credit, our producer, [the late] Jimmy Miller, brought incredible enthusiasm to what we were doing on 'Street Fighting Man.' He was one of the warmest guys and an incredible friend. We made our best records with him..."

"Street Fighting Man" was included on the Stones' 1968 album, Beggars Banquet.

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