In a recent interview with a Swedish TV show, Hammett said, “The whole Napster thing — it didn’t do us any favors whatsoever. But you know what? We’re still in the right on that — we’re still right about Napster, no matter who’s out there who’s saying, ‘Metallica was wrong.'”

He says the streaming game is proof of his point. “All you have to do is look at the state of the music industry, and that kind of explains the whole situation right there… There was a time when the streaming thing was kinda weird, and it’s not that great of quality — I don’t care what anyone says about modern streaming, all these ‘bits’ and whatnot. It’s never going to sound better than vinyl.”

Talk About It:

  • There are still people who hold a grudge with Metallica over their Napster suit.
  • Somebody had to stop the piracy happening back then.
  • Wait, what’s Napster?