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Flashback with Jimmy Page ~ This Week in Led Zeppelin…

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For this week in Led Zeppelin, we travel to August 25th, 1970, as Jimmy Page shares a flashback on his website, “In 1970, Led Zeppelin embarked across a tour of the South in America. Long hair was pretty unpopular in the late ’60s and even 1970. The authorities appeared to be building up a head of steam over what they ... Read More »

The Who ~ Comin Atcha On the Big Screen


Get ready for our next amazing KSLX Classic Rock Flyaway to see The Who with Joan Jett in New York and Ringo Starr in Jersey! In the meantime, check out their show at Hyde Park in London on the big screen October 7th! The Who: Live in Hyde Park features interviews with Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey, Iggy Pop, Robert ... Read More »

Passing out, outside the bun!


http://www.thedailymeal.com/news/eat/intoxicated-man-arrested-after-he-fell-asleep-taco-bell-drive-thru/81315     Read More »


Head in Hands

Photo Credit – Alex E. Proimos from Wikipedia “Hey watch where you’re goin’!” Sage advice in an age of shorter attention spans & fatter children. So a chunky, clunky 12-year-old at an art exhibit in Taiwan loses his balance bumping into a platform in front of a painting and in an attempt to break his fall instinctively puts his hand out………and ... Read More »

It’s National Dog Day! ~ Celebrate With a Treat Via WebCam???


Celebrate your dog with a web cam treat dispenser?? Wait, what??  Apparently, PETZI… is a webcam that will dispense small treats! Pic Source – www.petzi.com Source: http://www.petzi.com/ http://www.petzi.com/     Read More »

Happy Birthday 007! =)


Happy 85th birthday to Sir Sean Connery. Double O 7 has appeared in more than 75 movies and he picked up an Oscar for The Untouchables. SOURCE:  imdb.to/1hknLQw imdb.to/1hknLQw Read More »