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Photo Credit – gregkihn.com   Hey Guys!  Check out my interview with the incomparable Greg Kihn!  He’s in town Tuesday, August 21st with Rick Springfield, Loverboy & Tommy TuTone at Celebrity Theatre!  Find out what he’s been up to & what exactly that green slime from the “Jeopardy” video was!     Read More »

HBD: Golden Earring Barry Hay! Quiz Time!

Golden Earring frontman Barry Hay celebrates his 70th birthday today (August 16th). Hay was actually born in India, but what country does the “Radar Love” band call home? Stumped? Here are a few hints. Focus and Kayak are among the other groups from there who released their music in North America in the last century.  It’s the country where the Van ... Read More »

STEVE PERRY: And a Few More Traces

Like most artists, Steve Perry will release his new album, Traces, in multiple configurations. He says, “Putting 30 years into 10 songs has certainly been an emotional experience for me. I started writing and recording these songs with the creative freedom that I was the only one who would ever hear them. Along the way, I rediscovered my love for ... Read More »

BOB SEGER: Space Moves

Bob Seger had a very cool experience Monday when he took part in a video chat with astronaut Drew Feustel and the crew on the International Space Station. Drew is from Michigan, and NASA asked Bob to talk with him, because he’s very interested in astronomy and the space program. All too happy to participate, Drew introduced Bob to the ... Read More »

MICHAEL McDONALD: Posts Poignant Tribute to the Queen

Quite a number of artists have been sending their prayers out to Aretha Franklin, who is under hospice care at her home in suburban Detroit. Michael McDonald has gone a step further by posting a short essay on why she is indeed the “Queen of Soul.” McDonald writes, “Aretha Franklin holds a significant place in the collective heart of America. ... Read More »

GENESIS: The Next Generation?

Genesis have been dormant since their 2007 reunion tour, but perhaps they have one more reunion in them. Phil Collins tells Rolling Stone that he would do it, but his teenage son Nic, who drums in his solo band, would have to do the same with Genesis, since Phil is no longer able to due to numerous health issues. “[Tony ... Read More »