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ROCK HALL 2018 RECAP: All About Radio ~ Bon Jovi…

Radio was the star at this year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony as The Moody Blues, Dire Straits, The Cars and Bon Jovi all acknowledged the role it played in their success. A portion of Jon Bon Jovi’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction speech in which he thanks radio for their help in his rise ... Read More »

STEPPENWOLF: John Kay on the Rock Hall Honor

Steppenwolf’s John Kay had no advance warning that the band’s signature song “Born to Be Wild” would be honored at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions. He appreciates that the Hall decided that iconic singles deserve recognition — even if the artists who recorded them might never be inducted. John Kay on Steppenwolf’s “Born to Be Wild” being ... Read More »

LENNY KRAVITZ: New Album This Fall

Lenny Kravitz‘s 11th album, Raise Vibration, is coming out this fall — after a real struggle. Kravitz told Rolling Stone that he finished touring behind his last album and “really wasn’t sure where I was going musically. After doing this for 30 years, I wasn’t feeling it. I’d never felt that confused about what to do. And it was kind of ... Read More »

JOHN MELLENCAMP: Showing His Political Art in NYC

John Mellencamp will celebrate the 10th anniversary of his Life, Death, Love and Freedom album by capturing some of its main themes on canvas. From April 26th through June 2nd, Mellencamp will show more than 25 of his political paintings at ACA Galleries in New York City. The exhibition will carry the same name as the album. As for why ... Read More »

TODD RUNDGREN: Road to Utopia Opens Tonight

The long awaited Utopia reunion tour gets going tonight (Wednesday) in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania. This is their first American tour in 32 years, and frontman Todd Rundgren says if you’ve waited that long, don’t take the chance of waiting any longer. Todd Rundgren on the Utopia reunion tour. OC:…done the first one. :18  “We don’t have any plans past this ... Read More »

DAVID BOWIE: Subway Station to Subway Station

In celebration of the David Bowie exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum, one of New York City’s subway stops has been redone in honor of the Thin White Duke. The Broadway-Lafayette station in Manhattan, close to where he lived, is now wall-to-wall Bowie with photos, traditional ad-looking pieces and even Bowie decorated MetroCards. The Metropolitan Transit Authority printed 250,000 cards. The Bowie ... Read More »