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Weekdays 2pm-7pm and Saturday 3pm -7pm

Later on Pete Cummings (from 2p-7p)

Six O'Clock Stoner - Week of 11/4 to 11/8


Monday 11/4:

“Time Is On My Side”
“19th Nervous Breakdown”
“Sympathy For The Devil”


Tuesday 11/5:

“Route 66”
“Let’s Spend The Night Together”
“She’s So Cold”


Wednesday 11/6:

“Live With Me” 
“As Tears Go By”


Thursday 11/7:

“It’s All Over Now”     
“Under My Thumb”
“Wild Horses”  


Friday 11/8:

“Tumbling Dice”
“Little Queenie (Live)”
“Street Fighting Man”



BradlyWolkis - LOVE the 6 o'clock stoner.HATE that you feel it nessecary to to talk over the songs, wheather its before or after. It ruins the whole idea!  CUT IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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