Physical Graffiti – Rolling Stone Poll~ 5th Best Double Album

~Physical Graffiti – 5th best double album in Rolling Stone poll

Pulling off a great double album was much easier in the vinyl age. Back then, most records over 45 minutes long were forced onto two separate discs. (When they crammed much more than that onto a record, the sound quality began to suffer.) Until 1966, few artists even thought about releasing a double album, but the huge success of Bob Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde kicked open the door. Suddenly, everyone from the Beatles to Frank Zappa were releasing double albums. Visionaries like Pete Townshend and Roger Waters were no longer forced to tell a story in 45 minutes or less – but by the CD age, the length of an album suddenly doubled.

 That probably explains why most of the winning albums on this poll were released before CDs. Two hours of music is a lot and you need a pretty great album to justify all that time. Click through to see your selections for the greatest double albums of all time

 5. Led Zeppelin – ‘Physical Graffiti’
 Led Zeppelin found themselves with a little problem near the end of the Physical Graffiti sessions in 1974. They had eight songs they absolutely loved, but they couldn’t all fit onto a single album. They didn’t want to record more songs just to pull off a double album, so they combed through their vault and dug out enough songs to fill out the second record. The outtakes fit in seamlessly with the new material and few fans even knew the true story behind the album. They just knew the new Zeppelin album was the longest one yet.

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Source: Led Zeppelin:Achilles Last Stand:

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